Roberts teacher Ashlie Haas honored for excellence in the classroom

Roberts teacher Ashlie Haas honored for excellence in the classroom
Posted on 05/24/2018
Roberts teacher Ashlie Haas honored for excellence in the classroomFred Roberts Middle School Teacher Ashlie Haas Honored for Excellence in the Classroom
by Summit Learning

Fred Roberts Middle School Teacher Ashlie Haas Honored for Excellence in the Classroom

Summit Learning Spotlight celebrates best practices in personalized learning

Ashlie Haas, a 6th grade math teacher at Fred Roberts Middle School, has been recognized as a Summit Learning Spotlight teacher for her outstanding use of personalized learning practices to meet each student’s individual needs. The inaugural Summit Learning Spotlight honors teachers and schools across the country that are outstanding examples of personalized learning implementation and instruction.

Developed by Summit Public Schools in partnership with nationally acclaimed learning scientists, researchers, and academics, Summit Learning is a personalized approach to teaching and learning inspired by the vision to equip every student to lead a fulfilled life. Through the free Summit Learning Program, more than 330 schools have implemented and tailored Summit Learning for their communities, reaching more than 54,000 students across 40 states.  

In 2017, Fred Roberts Middle School adopted the Summit Learning Program. As part of the Summit Learning community, Fred Roberts Middle School has exhibited a strong commitment to ensuring that all students are known deeply inside and outside of the classroom, become advocates for themselves, and have opportunities to ignite their passions and interests through their schoolwork, real-world learning experiences and ongoing, one-to-one mentoring. Teachers and leaders at Fred Roberts Middle School, including Haas, are dedicated to providing all students with an education that reflects the skills and habits necessary for success — an education that takes into account students’ individual needs, aspirations, and how they learn best.

Meeting the needs of every student required Fred Roberts Middle School teachers to make fundamental changes in their classrooms in order to provide a high level of individual support to students, and Haas has embraced this hard work. Haas volunteered to run an initiative for students who want to come to school on Saturdays to receive extra tutoring or enrichment. The initiative has generated a great deal of interest among students, not just 6th graders in Haas’s class. Haas also created a tutoring board in her own classroom so students know which peers they could ask for support and piloted a similar feature in the Summit Learning Platform — now used by all schools in the Summit Learning community. Within her classroom, she engages students in setting goals and reflecting on their learning. 

“Ashlie has distinguished herself in implementing Summit Learning this year,” said Fred Roberts Middle School Principal Jorly Thomas. “She innovates to find new ways to help her students collaborate and learn, and she goes the extra mile to ensure students receive the support they need to succeed.”

Nominations for the Summit Learning Spotlight were accepted in fall 2017. Nominators provided insight and evidence into great educational practices from around Summit Learning community. As a Summit Learning Spotlight teacher, Haas and Fred Roberts Middle School will have the opportunity to share educational best practices, lessons learned, and keys to success with educators across the country.

“Haas is more than a teacher — she is a mentor and coach to her students, a leader of her colleagues, and a role model for a national community of educators,” said Diane Tavenner, CEO and co-founder of Summit Public Schools. “We are honored to partner with, learn from and celebrate Haas and her dedication to meeting the needs of each and every student.”

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 Fred Roberts Middle School Teacher Ashlie Haas Honored for Excellence in the Classroom