Keller Middle School named State School of Character

Keller Middle School named State School of Character
Posted on 02/07/2018
Keller Middle SchoolA Keller Middle School student shares about character building at city council meeting.

by Dwight Henson
PISD Communications recently named Keller Middle School a 2018 State School of Character. The school was one of five in the state of Texas to receive the annually awarded accolade.

Schools of Character demonstrate excellence in the areas of character development, and report improvements in academic achievement, behavior, school climate, teacher retention and parent engagement. 

Keller Middle School Ranger Code Keller has implemented its core values of integrity, honesty and respect in what students think, feel and do.

“Keller staff were instrumental in creating a fun, safe, loving environment with high expectations from the very beginning,” said Diane Phelan, Keller Middle School principal. “Our campus has trained for ten years with Conscious Discipline and believe it is the core of who we are at Keller.” 

For many years, Keller administrative staff and counselors have fostered student growth by developing and implementing character building lessons two to three times a week, which are facilitated by homeroom teachers.

Keller will hold this distinction for three years and is now eligible for recognition on the national stage.