Questions and Answers

Q   Where are the procedures for the locking blue bags?
A    You can find these on the Pasadena ISD website under the Cashier's Office section in the BOPM.

Q   Where are the Cash Collection System notes for the secretary/bookkeeper?
A      In the BOPM under the Cashier's Office.

Q   Where is the Refund Request Form? 
A   In the BOPM on the download accounting forms page.
Refund Form

Q   Where are the Purchasing Dos and Don'ts?
A    In the BOPM on the download accounting forms page.
Purchasing Dos and Don'ts

Q   I need help balancing my petty cash checking bank reconciliation, who do I contact?
A   One of the district bookkeepers - Carmen Dominguez and Marietta Kasper or Eliana Pena in the business office.

Q  If a teacher has both 461 and 865 accounts... how many tax exempt fundraisers can each account have per year?  2 per account?
A  Tax free days are a 24 hour period not a tax exempt event. It can only last 1 day (24 hour period). If the fundraiser last 2 weeks the teacher will need to pick a 24 hour period within the 2 weeks that tax would not apply. Fund 865 accounts are entitled to 2 tax free days (which can be picked by the Club) and Fund 461 are entitled to two tax free days picked by the Principal of the campus. If a club uses one of their tax free days during the Campus tax free day then this day counts as one of their tax free days.

Q   Can my campus raise/collect funds from students for “free dress” days?
A   No, free dress days for students are not allowed.

Q    I need some information about Donations, where can I find this?
A     In the BOPM under Accounting.

Q   Do I need to provide a log of which accounts have requested their tax exempt fundraisers including dates?
A   A log would be very helpful, but would like to see in the Long Description in the cash collection if fundraiser was tax free.

Q   I need some information about Gifts/Awards, where can I find this?
A   In the BOPM under Accounting.

Q   Do I need to have Express Fundraiser Catalog sales as taxable?
A   Catalog sales are taxable, but the taxes are paid by the vendor. This should be reflected on the invoice.

Q   My campus wants to sell items during lunch for a activity fundraiser, what items are ok to sell during lunch?
A    Any food and child nutrition questions need to go through Mary Harryman in the Child Nutrition for proper approval.

Q   What if I have an outstanding check over 90 days on my petty cash checking reconciliation bank spreadsheet?
A   Outstanding check procedures are located on the Business Office Procedure Manual. If you have a outstanding check over 90 days please contact Eliana Pena in the business department, she can assist you with the process of how to take care of this so it is no long outstanding on your spreadsheet.

Q   On my petty cash checking bank reconciliation what if a bank error is made/a check clears for the incorrect amount – where is this documented on the petty cash spreadsheet?
 Any errors or items that need to be documented should go in the “reconciling items” in the blue box about ¾ of the way down the page.


Q   Our PTO reimburses our school for the buses we use on our field trips, if I am depositing the money from the PTO, how should it be coded? A reimbursement or a donation?
A   This would be considered a donation.

Q   When ordering lunch services that require gratuity can we include this in the payment?
A   Yes, if your supervisor or department is ordering lunch you may include gratuity, it just cannot exceed a 20% tip. (Federal Funds cannot be utilized)

Q   Where can I find a W9 form?
A   It can be found in the Payroll section of the Pasadena ISD page.

Q  Scenario: We wrote a check to a vendor in a prior month. The check has not cleared the bank and when we contacted the vendor, they cannot find it. What action should I take now?
A   Void the check, and then contact Eliana Pena to notify her. Once a stop payment is placed you can reissue check. The check that the vendor cannot find will need to have the status changed on the CB80 from “Open” to Stop Payment. It will need to be added back to your check book stub. Coordinate with Eliana on what is needed on the AP265 report when you are ready to submit a reimbursement.

Q   I am doing minor décor upgrade since my campus is being painted. My administration wants to get some small items to make the office look nicer, what budget code would I use?
A   199 23 6399