Pasadena ISD and the Pasadena Chamber of Commerce produce new web series

Pasadena ISD and the Pasadena Chamber of Commerce produce new web series
Posted on 01/20/2020
Pasadena ISD and the Pasadena Chamber of Commerce produce new web series

By: Kadey Heidrich
PISD Communications

The Audio and Video Production pathway at Dr. Kirk Lewis Career and Technical High School, along with Pasadena ISD, is partnering with the Pasadena Chamber of Commerce to produce a new web series.

The new series titled, “Discover Pasadena” will be filmed and produced by CTHS students, in conjunction with the Pasadena Chamber of Commerce. “Discover Pasadena” will feature positive news stories focusing on business and economic development, as well as, improvements happening within the city.

“We plan to highlight the kind and hardworking people who call Pasadena home," says Erin Webb, the director of media and marketing for the Pasadena Chamber of Commerce and the new host of “Discover Pasadena”

The first guest of the series, Mayor of Pasadena Jeff Wagner, was greeted by a film and sound crew full of excited students who said they had been looking forward to the interview all week. During the interview, Mayor Wagner spoke about the upcoming improvements to the area parks, among other topics and complimented the students on their work.

Students in the AV pathway at CTHS participate in the program all four years of high school and gain hands-on experience in aspects of audio and visual production including filming, sound production, lighting and video editing. Through AV, students cover large events such as Pasadena’s Taste of the Town and the McDonald’s Texas Invitational, along with smaller events such as weddings, quinceaneras and sweet sixteen birthday parties.

When asked about the knowledge and experience that he has gained by participating in the AV pathway, Yosserick Funez, a junior at CTHS, said that he considers himself, “fortunate to participate in the program.”

For students involved in AV, it’s not just a pathway, it’s a passion. Students often work on their craft outside of school, learning about topics like music and photography in their spare time. The opportunity to grow creatively in their chosen career field is not lost on students.

“CTHS is a great school for you to learn your craft as a high school student,” says Joe Espinzoa, a junior in the program.

Troy Eckles, the new Audio and Visual Production instructor at CTHS, hopes to grow the pathway, as well as, “Discover Pasadena” as the students progress in their skills. He plans on showcasing the AV program and the promise of all students involved.

“The students here absolutely have potential. They take initiative, stay on task and do a great job,” he says. 

The first episode of “Discover Pasadena” will premiere at the end of January and videos will be posted to the Pasadena Chamber of Commerce’s website, Facebook and YouTube.