Pasadena ISD Prize Parade Grants $196,000 in Classroom Funds

Pasadena ISD Prize Parade Grants $196,000 in Classroom Funds
Posted on 12/12/2017
Pasadena ISD Prize Parade Grants $196,000 in Classroom Funds

Prize ParadeThe Pasadena ISD Education Foundation Prize Parade spread joy throughout the district as they marched down the hallways to the beat of the Pasadena Memorial drumline at 35 campuses to surprise teachers in their classrooms, Dec. 12.

Six teams comprised of Board of Trustees, community members, business representatives, district employees and students traveled to the campuses to hand out over $196,000 in classroom grants.

These grants will be used for classroom enhancements like iPads for education, 1-to-1 programs, kinesthetic equipment, musical devices, video broadcast equipment and more.

“Once again the community, business and industry have come together to support the Education Foundation” Cindy Parmer, Director of Community Relations said. “Our year could have been down after the storm, but our donors are so faithful to give. We were able to award over $196,000 this Prize Parade in addition to another $10,000 given to athletic grants through the Athletic Hall of Fame and foundation. We appreciate each and every donor for their part in making our teachers’ dreams for their classrooms come true!”

Thanks to all of the generous sponsors and the Pasadena ISD Education Foundation for making this possible.

Sponsors were: Texas TransEastern; Buffalo Marine Services; North American Shipping Agencies, Inc; Marshall and Denie Kendrick; Albemarle; ADS Custom Signs; DBR; Direct Energy Business; Dexter Joyner; BOK Financial Securities; CIMA Services; Community Bank of Texas; Dixie Chemical; Salata; Ameraflex; CHI St. Lukes Health Patients Medical Center; Jack and Kathy Bailey; HTS, Inc.  Consultants; Nestle Waters; Shell Pipeline; IBI Group Architects; Tandus Centiva; Dr. Pepper Snapple Group; Pasadena Lions Club; Pat Pesl; John O Harris Interests, LP; Meador Staffing Services; McGriff, Seibels and Williams Inc; Shell FCU; Bayway Auto Group; In Memory of Anita Delafield; GPD Group; Thompson and Horton; Cre8 Architects; Capital Bank; Thrivent Financial; Gallagher Barmore; Pasadena Chamber of Commerce; Gulf Coast Educators FCU; ABC Dental; Pasadena Rotary Club; Chevron Phillips Chemical; City of Pasadena; Lyondell Basell; Andrews, Kurth, Kenyon; Brooks and Sparks/Westbelt Surveying; Wayne and Pat Adams; Pasadena Mulch; Pasadena South Rotary; Brotherton Enterprises LTD; Phelps Insurance; Rogers, Morris, and Grover LLP; Pasadena ISD Police Officers Association; and McDonald's.



Beverly Hills Intermediate

Mini Grant: Recording Studio & Recovery - $2,077

Sponsor: Texas TransEastern

Grant Recipients: Criselda Bocanegra, Matthew Martinez
Beverly Hills Intermediate receives mini grant from Texas TransEastern.

Beverly Hills Intermediate receives mini grant from Texas TransEastern.

Beverly Hills Intermediate receives mini grant from Texas TransEastern.




Atkinson Elementary

Mini Grant: Orange You Glad You Can Read! - $3,161

Sponsor: Buffalo Marine Services

Grant Recipients: Andrea Fox

Atkinson Elementary receives mini grant from Buffalo Marine Services.

Mini Grant: ABC...(Not Always as) Easy as 123 - $719

Sponsor: North American Shipping Agencies, Inc

Grant Recipients: Samantha Coyle
Atkinson Elementary receives mini grant from North American Shipping Agencies, Inc.

Akinson Elementary receives mini grants.


Moore Elementary

Mini Grant: Educational Software for Guided Instruction - $2,839



Sponsor: Marshall and Denie Kendrick

Grant Recipients: Ann Settlow, Tram Kim

Moore Elementary receives mini grant.
Moore Elementary receives mini grant.

Mini Grant: Reading Assessment Done Right - $4,527

Sponsor: Albemarle

Grant Recipients: Maury Klann, Melissa Hickman

Moore Elementary receives mini grant.

Moore Elementary receives mini grant.




Melillo Middle School

Mini Grant: Robotics 2.0 - $1,780

Sponsor: ADS Custom Signs

Grant Recipients: Deborah L Bass, Gabriel Busch

Melillo Middle School receives mini grant.

Melillo Middle School receives mini grant.

Melillo Middle School receives mini grant.

Frazier Elementary

Mini Grant: Data Tracks

Amount: $736.00

Sponsor:  DBR

Recipients: India Kemp, Melba Donatto, Ashley Jones, Emily Siscoe

 Prize Parade

Mini Grant: Technology: A Pathway to Literacy

Amount: $4,580.00

Sponsor:  Direct Energy Business

Recipients: Stacy Anthony, Jennifer Umana

Prize Parade

Prize Parade

Burnett Elementary

Mini Grant: 21st Century Sound Storytellers

Amount: $3,093.00

Sponsor:  Dexter Joyner

Recipients: Denise Ngo, Sheri Rodgers
Prize Parade

Mini Grant: Learning Through Movement

Amount: $1,090.00

Sponsor:  BOK Financial Securities

Recipients: Melisa Evans, Bernice Barraza
Prize Parade

Park View Intermediate

Mini Grant: Steel Drum Band Instruments & Supplies

Amount: $4,600.00

Sponsor: CIMA Services

Recipients: Garrett Sanborne, John Muir
Prize Parade

Kendrick Middle School

Mini Grant: Books for all: Spanish Books for Dual Language Students

Amount: $5,000.00

Sponsor: CommunityBank of Texas

Recipients: Amanda Ring,  Yesenia Cervantes
Prize Parade

Bondy Intermediate

Mini Grant: Apple in the Rehearsal Room

Amount: $4,988.00

Sponsor: Dixie Chemical

Recipients: Russell Bowlin 
Prize Parade

Memorial High School

Mini Grant: OMEGA Sensory

Amount: $1,892.00

Sponsor:  Salata

Recipients: Lauren CaplenPrize Parade

Prize Parade

Lomax Middle School

Mini Grant: Just Right Books, 24/7!

Amount: $4,000.00

Sponsor: Ameraflex

Recipients: Lori Muirhead, Erika Bay
Prize Parade

District Wide (CTHS)

Mini Grant: STEM in Action

Amount: $5,000.00

Sponsor:  CHI St. Lukes Health Patients Medical Center

Recipients: David Scarcella, Kada Lamas
Prize Parade

 Prize Parade

Community School

Mini Grant: Flexible Seating in a Computer Lab Environment

Amount: $910.00

Sponsor:  Jack and Kathy Bailey

Recipients: Tricia Cave
Prize ParadePrize Parade

Freeman Elementary

Mini Grant: Let's Read with LLI!

Amount: $4,532.00

Sponsor:  HTS, Inc.  Consultants

Recipients: Adrien Moore, Olivia Garza
Prize Parade

Mini Grant: Reading Success in 2nd Grade with Istation and iPads!

Amount: $4,788.00

Sponsor:  Nestle Waters

Recipients: Olivia Garza, Carla Garcia
Prize Parade

Garfield Elementary

Mini Grant: Special Education Garden at Garfield ES

Amount: $2,247.00

Sponsor:  Shell Pipeline

Recipients: Heather Quintero
Prize Parade

Mini Grant: Promoting Creativity through Instruments

Amount: $4,544.00

Sponsor:  IBI Group Architects

Recipients: Michaela Barlett, Julissa Chapa
Prize Parade

Hancock Elementary

Mini Grant: The 100-Book Project

Amount: $600.00

Sponsor: Tandus Centiva

Recipients: Lis Corado
Prize Parade
Prize Parade

Jessup Elementary

Mini Grant: iPads for Learning

Amount: $4,959.00

Sponsor:  Pasadena Lions Club

Recipients: Klelya Dimas, Elizabeth Walker
Prize Parade

Mini Grant: Canes for Strength and Flexibility

Amount: $300.00

Sponsor:  Pat Pesl

Recipients: Nancy Jones
Prize Parade

Mini Grant: Building Readers Through Technology
Amount: $4,130
Sponsor: Dr. Pepper Snapple Group
Recipients: Elizabeth Martin
Prize Parade

Bush Elementary

Mini Grant: Targeted Instruction is the Key!!

Amount: $5,000.00

Sponsor:  John O Harris Interests, LP
Recipients: Stephanie Tellez, Suzanne Anderson


Mini Grant: Read, Read, Read

Amount: $4,723.00

Sponsor:  Meador Staffing Services

Recipients: Suzanne Anderson, Jacqueline Breed


Morris Middle

Mini Grant: Literacy and Legacy

Amount: $5,000.00

Sponsor:  McGriff, Seibels and Williams Inc.

Recipient: Jim Carroll


Matthys Elementary

Mini Grant: Positive  Discipline Parent Training - $2,771

Sponsor: Shell FCU

Grant Recipients: Adriana Lopez,Veronica Beaman 
Prize Parade

Prize Parade

Mini Grant: Powerful Performances - $1,799

Sponsor: Bayway Auto Group

Grant Recipients: David Hudspeth
Prize Parade
Prize Parade

Matthys Elementary

Mini Grant: Connecting Readers from School to Home - $5,000

Sponsor: In Memory of Anita Delafield

Grant Recipients: Dolores Perez
Prize Parade

 Prize Parade
Prize Parade

Mini Grant: Move it, Move it!
Sponsor: GPD Group
Amount: $4,895
Grant Recipients: Gloria Duran
Prize Parade

Prize Parade

Matthys Elementary

Mini Grant: Enriching Learning with iPads - $4,895

Sponsor: Thompson and Horton

Grant Recipients: Julie Regalado 
Prize Parade

Prize Parade


South Houston Elementary

Mini Grant: Read Naturally- $3,888

Sponsor: Cre8 Architects

Grant Recipients: Elizabeth Aleman, Chloe Paz


San Jacinto Intermediate

Mini Grant: 3D Explorers - $714

Sponsor: Capital Bank

Grant Recipients: Jason T Johnson


Shaw Middle School

Mini Grant: Spirit from the Arts - $1,970

Sponsor: Thrivent Financial

Grant Recipients: Elizabeth Hornik, Jo Ellen Spexarth


Williams Elementary

Mini Grant: Piano Keyboard Lab - $4,828

Sponsor: Gallagher Barmore

Grant Recipients: Barbara Birkhead, Anthony McKinney


Morales Elementary

Mini Grant: Flipped Classroom - $5,000

Sponsor: Pasadena Chamber of Commerce

Grant Recipients: Ritu Gandhi, Pat Lozano


Jackson Intermediate

Mini Grant: Calculators for Science - $4,950

Sponsor: Gulf Coast Educators FCU

Grant Recipients: Amber Gonzalez


Red Bluff Elementary - $5,000

Mini Grant: Reading Roadrunners are a BLAST

Sponsor: ABC Dental

Grant Recipients: Ericelda Covarrubias, Karin Jones


Red Bluff Elementary - $5.000

Mini Grant: EAFK: Virtues to Live By

Sponsor: Pasadena Rotary Club

Grant Recipients: Melisa Nicolas, Cristina Santillan


Pomeroy Elementary

Mini Grant: Reading & Writing – The Ultimate Superpowers - $4,987

Sponsor: Chevron Phillips Chemical

Grant Recipients: Veronica Perales, Ana Aaron


Sparks Elementary

Mini Grant: Rockin’ Readers Continued - $5,000

Sponsor: City of Pasadena

Grant Recipients: Rick Tegeler, Brianna Bonnette
Sparks Elementary receives mini grant from City of Pasadena.
Sparks Elementary receives mini grant from City of Pasadena.

Queens Intermediate

Mini Grant: “Seating for All” - $4,066

Sponsor: Lyondell Basell

Grant Recipients: Brian Kosior, Marivy Palmer


Miller Intermediate

Mini Grant: “App” solutely Loving Reading - $3,745

Sponsor: Andrews, Kurth, Kenyon

Grant Recipients: Andrea Luna


Miller Intermediate

Mini Grant: Leveling Up with Literacy - $4,950

Sponsor: Brooks and Sparks/Westbelt Surveying

Grant Recipients: Andrea Luna


South Houston High School

Mini Grant: ParaPro Assessment for High Qualified Students - $990

Sponsor: Wayne and Pat Adams

Grant Recipients: Allison McCagg, Ed.D.


South Houston High School

Mini Grant: Growing Minds - $983

Sponsor: Pasadena Mulch

Grant Recipients: Katherine Alba



South Houston High School

Mini Grant: Building Background and Experiences for Newcomer English Language Leaners - $4,000

Sponsor: Pasadena South Rotary

Grant Recipients: Emily Rhymer, Miguel Fierro Maldonado


Pearl Hall Elementary

Mini Grant: Panthers in the Spotlight - $4,995

Sponsor: Brotherton Enterprise LTD

Grant Recipients: Sara Ramirez


Genoa Elementary

Mini Grant: iPads for PreK and Kindergarten - $4,800

Sponsor: Phelps Insurance

Grant Recipients: Laura Davis, Kathryn Martinez


Roberts Middle School

Mini Grant: Continuing to Read with myON - $5,000

Sponsor: Rogers, Morris, and Grover LLP

Grant Recipients: Christine Coppedge , Graciela Hernandez


Roberts Middle School

Mini Grant: Robotics and iPads in the Middle School - $4,888

Sponsor: Pasadena ISD Police Officers Association

Grant Recipients: Shelby Willis, Emy Tomita


Roberts Middle School

Mini Grant: Reaching Students’ Dreams through DreamBox - $5,000

Sponsor: McDonald’s

Grant Recipients: Virginia Fernandez, Christine Coppedge