340 PISD students earn Advanced Placement Scholar Awards

340 PISD students earn Advanced Placement Scholar Awards
Posted on 07/20/2017
340 PISD students earn Advanced Placement Scholar Awards

By Reesha Brown

PISD Communications

More than 340 Pasadena ISD students earned Advanced Placement (AP) Scholar Awards for their exceptional achievement on AP exams for the 2016-17 school year. This number grew by 43 students since last year.

The College Board’s AP Scholar Program provides high school students with the opportunity to take rigorous college-level courses and potentially earn college credit by scoring 3, 4 or 5 on AP exams.

Each AP Scholar receives a certificate and the award designation is acknowledged on an AP score report that is distributed to colleges.

The College Board recognizes several levels of achievement based on a student’s performance on AP exams. Click here to view the full list of AP Scholars for each achievement level.

  • International AP Scholar (1 student)South Houston High School’s Omar Dahar is the only Pasadena ISD student to earn the International AP Scholar Diploma, a globally recognized award given to students who have earned a score of 3 or higher on 5 or more AP exams and is interested in studies outside their native country.
  • National AP Scholar (5 students) – The designation is given to students who earn an average score of 4 or higher on all AP Exams taken with scores of four or higher on eight or more AP exams. These students are: Dobie seniors Thanh Huynh, Johnathan Nguyen and Steven Nguyen; Memorial senior Sherwin Philip and South Houston senior Marlene Carrillo.
  • AP Scholar with Distinction (41 students) – granted to students who earn an average score of at least 3.5 on all AP exams and scores of 3 or higher on five or more of these exams.
  • AP Scholar with Honor (40 students) – awarded to students for earning an average score of at least 3.25 on all AP exams and scores of 3 or higher on four or more of these exams.
  • AP Scholar Award (259 students) – awarded to students who earn a score of 3 on at least three AP exams

According to a College Board report, Daher is among 1,241 students in the nation and only 48 in the state of Texas to earn an international diploma. Pasadena ISD National AP Scholars are among 31,161 AP Scholar designees in the country and 3,443 in the state to earn the distinction.

The steady growth of AP Scholars reflects efforts at the campus level to increase engagement in AP courses. Some high school campuses, for example, host celebrations where students earn grant awards for successfully passing their AP exams.

Pasadena ISD expects the number of AP Scholars to increase significantly in the coming years due to its Early College High School program, which will expand to all five of the district’s traditional high school campuses. The four-year program allows students to take college-level courses, including Advanced Placement, as early as freshman year.
The number of AP Scholars for the 2016 school year may increase as scores are still being tallied.

International AP Scholar      National AP Scholar       AP Scholar with Distinction        AP Scholar with Honor  AP Scholar               
South Houston  Dobie Lewis CTHS Lewis CTHS Lewis CTHS
Daher,  Omar  H. Huynh,  Thanh  C. Hernandez,  Elexis  M. Montemayor,  Lisette  D. Caceres,  Jay  A.
Nguyen,  Johnathan  L. Ho,  Travis  T. Perez,  Adrian  A. Deluna,  Stephanie  M.
Nguyen,  Steven    Ly,  Kevin  D. Tamayo,  Luis  M. Garcia,  David  E.
Tapper,  Torrey  G. Guerra,  Karlie  O.
Pasadena Memorial Dobie
Philip,  Sherwin  S. Acac,  Robin  E. Villatoro,  Rudy    Hernandez,  Gabriel  A.
Barrientos,  Garrett  R. Juan,  Jastine  J.
South Houston HS Dobie HS
Carrillo,  Marlene    Campa,  Roberto  E. Botello,  Daniel  G. Juarez,  Isabella   
Diaz,  Alejandro    Cornejo,  Cuauhtemoc    Medrano,  Christian  I.
Guzman,  Idania    Dao,  Courtney  H. Mendoza,  Eduardo   
Huynh,  Thanh  C. Davis,  Ajah  D. Messick,  Spencer  D.
Le,  Hoang  V. Do,  Jay    Nguyen,  Cinthia   
Moore,  Deandre  M. Flores,  Karen    Perez Sanchez,  Victor  A.
Moreno,  Oren    Hill,  Samantha  R. Rodriguez Marqu,  Jesus  A.
Nguyen,  Derek    Moreno,  Everett    Salazar,  Fatima  A.
Nguyen,  Johnathan  L. Nnabuife,  Christiana  C. Salinas,  Andy   
Nguyen,  Steven    Padilla,  Adam  A. Sandoval,  Raul  E.
Pham,  Vy    Palos,  Victoria    Santana,  Luis  A.
Phan,  Noelle  N. Pham,  Thanh-Nguyet  T. Sartor,  Michael  A.
Slaten,  Michael  L. Wang,  Dien-Loong  K.
Pasadena HS
Wade,  Noah    Tran,  Tony  D. Zambrano,  Misael   
Villatoro,  Marvin  R.
Pasadena Memorial HS Dobie HS
Anderson,  Melissa  K. Zarate,  Stephanie    Armenta,  Oscar   
Davis,  Mason    Armenta,  Rogelio   
Pasadena HS
Duarte,  Abraham    Carranza,  Alexander  A. Bazaldua,  Hillary  V.
Miller,  Jake  H. Bui,  Lily  U.
Pasadena Memorial HS
Nunez,  Jassmin    Botello Esquive,  Jesus  A. Calderon,  Miranda  F.
Patel,  Aadarshi  B. Compton,  Lauren  N. Carcamo,  Nick  S.
Philip,  Sherwin  S. Contreras,  Nina  M. Cardenas,  Fabian  O.
Rossodivita,  Maria  L. Garcia,  Mariano  A. Chapa,  Andrea   
Roy,  Sonya    Hinesley,  Thomas  B. Claros,  Jarely  F.
Sandoval,  Luis  R. Leyva,  Juan  A. Covarrubias,  Nathan  A.
Schwarze,  Zachary  R. Nguyen,  Minh  D. Curry,  Trinity  A.
Vazquez,  Edna  E. Nguyen,  Theresa    Delossantos,  Adrian  A.
Zavala,  Adriana  T. Rivera,  Antonio  A. Drumgo,  Jazmyn  A.
Vazquez,  Mark    Duong,  An  G.
Sam Rayburn HS
Amezquita,  Samantha    Efird,  Jordan  M.
Sam Rayburn HS
Chapa,  David    Castillo,  Sergio    Elizarraras,  Miguel  A.
Garza,  Laura  M. Martinez,  David  A. Garcia,  Nadia  L.
Hernandez,  Gisselle    Ruiz,  Alfredo    Garcia,  Noe   
Palacios,  Joseph  C. Velazquez,  Melanie  T. Garcia,  Ovidio  J.
Villarreal,  Kelly    Gartner,  Kevin  M.
South Houston HS
Acosta,  Francisco    Gomez,  Maxine   
South Houston HS
Carrillo,  Marlene    Barragan,  Yelitza    Gonzalez,  Edgar   
Daher,  Omar  H. Montes,  Cassandra  I. Gonzalez,  Joshua  J.
Garza,  Albert  S. Nguyen,  Jenny  N. Guerrero,  Diana  C.
Rodriguez,  Jason  J. Guerrero,  Jeremy&nb